FS1000 TRX Fuel System

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Introducing the FS1000-TRX by Aftermarket Industries, Fueled By AI—the latest addition to their OEM fuel system lineup! This Plug & Play drop-in surge tank is engineered specifically for the Dodge Ram TRX, supporting power packages up to an impressive 1800 Horsepower at the Wheels (ATW). Kits above 1400 HP feature their advanced Brushless Controller + E5LM system.

With the help of Wragth Motorsports, who assisted with the geometry data for the OEM fuel tank, and a few others, Aftermarket Industries developed this kit in under 50 days—a record-breaking achievement for the team, especially considering their first-ever OEM drop-in kit took 18 months to complete.

Key Features:

Venturi Pump and active valve system
P clamp and Billet Fittings
Mil-Spec Wiring harness for plug and play installation
Included Regulator with fuel pressure gauge and vacuum hoses
Available Options:

1000+ HP
1200+ HP
1400+ HP

Note: For Applications running 1400+ RWHP on E85 we highly suggest the brushless controller with the E5LM option. Key features of this setup includes:

1. Longevity: This model features no mechanical communicator and brushes, reducing wear and tear for a longer lifespan.

2. Efficiency: With no mechanical communicator, it draws significantly less current.

3. Increased Output: The new Brushless controller with E5LM can push the e5lm to 1400 L/hr at 130 PSI for 45 seconds, delivering a 28% higher output than the ID console, perfect for high horsepower builds.

4. Advanced Integration: The Brushless controller with E5LM offers full CANBUS integration and firmware calibration based on various sensor inputs, providing complete visibility and monitoring of fuel pump performance data, such as pump speed, duty, and position.

5. Precision Control: Equipped with full PWM control, ensuring precise and efficient performance.

6. Increased Capacity: One pump supports higher consumption demands, maximizing available capacity.

7. Versatile Compatibility: The Brushless controller with E5LM includes "dumb" controls, ideal for those using OEM ECUs, with the ability to toggle between two pump speeds using Hobbs or trigger.

8. Superior Heat Management: Featuring a large heatsink developed using OEM technology, the controller’s heat management is more reliable and efficient than ever.

Experience unmatched performance and reliability with the FS1000-1400+ TRX by Aftermarket Industries. Get ready to unleash the full potential of your Dodge Ram TRX!