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Wragth Motor Sports: Passion, Desire, and Finesse in Automotive Performance

Founded in Northern California in 2017, Wragth MotorSports began as CCNC (Camaros & Coffee Norcal), a gathering spot for Camaro enthusiasts. But we were more than just a meetup; we provided practical knowledge and value, helping customers make informed decisions about their performance goals. Our military background instilled in us a strong sense of camaraderie, which we sought to bring to our car community. This led us to transform our passion into a business, offering automotive parts and services.

Our 15 years of combined experience in the US Navy, automotive industry, and tech companies fuel our unique approach to car builds.

Precision and Power: Driving Your Automotive Ambitions

At Wragth MotorSports, we proudly offer affordably priced services, both in-person and online. This includes installations, track preparation, maintenance, car care, education, and training, along with performance products designed to fulfill your automotive desires. Our dedicated Auto Enthusiasts are continually seeking innovative ways to enhance your vehicle's performance and appearance, employing advanced and up-to-date technology. But our relationship doesn't end once your car leaves our shop; it continues to grow with the high-quality parts we install.

Our goal is to cultivate meaningful relationships with you, our valued customers. Without you, our business would merely exist, without growth or impact. That's why we've developed a 24/7 support system, featuring online courses and social media groups. This structure fosters increased customer interaction and provides a single hub for immediate assistance or information. We believe in lifelong learning that enhances your understanding of your vehicle, ensuring a satisfying experience both during service and after completion.

Our team of auto enthusiasts at Wragth Motor Sports shares a unified MISSION - β€œto unite customers and help them achieve their goals.” We maintain honesty and transparency in all our dealings, striving to foster community both online and in-person.

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Our prime location near Highway 35 is ideal for residents in Waxahachie, Red Oak, Midlothian, and the surrounding areas. The robust infrastructure supports our digital assets, extending our services nationwide.

Come and see us, and let us channel performance and power into your car. Your automotive dreams await, and we're here to make them a reality!