WMS 600 Package for 15-23 Mustang 5.0

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Product Description

Rev up your S550 Mustang with our WMS600 Package, a thrilling upgrade for true car enthusiasts. It's all about more power, more growl, and an unforgettable driving experience.

What's in the WMS600 Package?

-Long Tube Headers: Boosts exhaust flow, increasing power and torque. Plus, it gives your Mustang that aggressive exhaust note.
-Enhanced Engine Calibration: Fine-tuned to harness the power of the long tube headers, maximizing performance.
-More Horsepower and Torque: Feel the surge of extra power every time you hit the throttle.

And it includes all the great features of our WMS500 package:

-JLT Cold Air Intake: For cleaner, cooler air intake.
-JLT Oil Separator: Keeps your engine running smoothly.
-HPTuners Credits: Customizable tuning for your unique ride.
-Pump Gas and E85 Calibrations: Tailor your Mustang's performance to your preferred fuel.
-Professional Installation: Expert fitting for peak performance.
-Dyno and Street Tuning: Precision tuning for real-world driving conditions.

Horsepower Increase: Feel the difference with an added 50-75HP at the crank over stock.

Important Notes:

E85 Option: This is a specific E85 calibration, not flex fuel. Remember to switch files when changing fuel types.
Automatic Transmissions: Enjoy a complimentary transmission calibration.
Scheduling: Purchase using the checkout button or fill out our service request for more info.

The WMS600 Package is your ticket to an exhilarating Mustang experience. Get ready to turn heads and dominate the streets!