WMS 500 Package for 15-23 Mustang 5.0

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Product Description

Elevate your S550 Mustang's performance with the WMS500 package, tailored for enthusiasts seeking a significant power boost without a complete overhaul. Transform your Mustang's driving dynamics and feel the exhilaration.

This comprehensive package includes:

-JLT Cold Air Intake (CAI) for enhanced airflow.
-JLT Oil Separator to maintain engine cleanliness.
-HPTuners Credits for customizable tuning.
-Calibration for Pump Gas (93), optimizing performance.
-Optional E85 Calibration for alternative fuel use (Please inquire to learn more).
-Expert Installation, ensuring perfect fit and function.
- Dyno and Street Tuning.

Average horsepower increase of 40-50HP at the crank.

Important Considerations:

For the E85 option, note that it is a dedicated E85 calibration, not a flex fuel setup. Switching between pump gas and E85 requires changing calibration files and cycling the fuel appropriately before spirited driving or fuel type transition.
Automatic transmission models receive a complimentary transmission calibration.
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