WMS 850 Package For 21-24 Ram TRX


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Unleash the true potential of your TRX with the WMS 850 Package, now ramped up to deliver over 100 HP directly to the wheels. Tailored for the true car enthusiast, this package is the key to unlocking a significant power boost while maintaining the refined comfort of your vehicle. Get ready to experience an exhilarating upgrade in performance with a seamless installation process.

Mods Included in the WMS 850 Package:

  • Cold Air Intake
  • Upper Pulley
  • Solid Isolators
  • Pinned Crank
  • Thermostat
  • Upgraded Injectors
  • NGK Plugs
  • Mighty Mouse Catch Can
  • In-House PCM Unlock
  • WMS Engine and Trans Calibration
  • Synthetic Oil Change
  • Comprehensive WMS Detail (interior and exterior)
  • Full Tank of Gas
  • 1-hour Customer Ride-Along Session
  • Vehicle Care Sheet
  • Dyno Sheet, Photos, and Videos

    Mods Included in the WMS 900 Package:

    Headers with green cats.
    Separate Fuel for Race Days
    Secondary street and dyno Calibration

    Expect and extra 65-85 to the ground on E85.

Expect to see an impressive increase of 120-160 HP at the wheels, ensuring your TRX stands out in both performance and reliability.

Link to several 850 packages 

WMS 850 Black TRX

WMS 850 Lunar Edition

WMS 850 Green TRX

WMS 900 Silver TRX

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