WMS 1000 Whipple Package for Charger Hellcat

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Rev up your Charger Hellcat with our WMS 1000 package! Get ready to conquer the road with raw power that'll leave supercars in the dust. And don't worry, we haven't sacrificed any of the OEM comforts you know and love. This comprehensive package is a must-have for any performance enthusiast looking to take their Hellcat to the max on the factory bottom end. 

1. JLT 15-19 Dodge Charger/Challenger Hellcat 6.2L Black Textured Cold Air Intake Kit w/Red Filter

2. Whipple Supercharger Stage 2 intercooled Kit 

3. Injector Dynamics 1300X For Hellcat/Demon/TRX/Trackhawk

4. NGK Plugs

5. Thermostat

6. Mighty Mouse Challenger Wild catch can

7. JMS Voltage Booster

9. Interchiller with street and drag valve

10. ATI Lower with pinning kit

11. HPTuners Interface with credits preloaded

12. HPTuners Dodge 2018+ Smart Access Cable

13. In-House PCM unlock

14. Gates Belt 

15. Professional installation

16. Dyno and Street tune on 93 Octane.