WMS 1000 Whipple Package for Ram TRX

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Step up your performance game with the WMS 1000 Package! Ideal for TRX owners looking for solid power gains, this package delivers an average of 200+ HP to the wheels on 93 and a massive 300 HP on E85. With everything you need included and professional installation, you can sit back and enjoy the added power without sacrificing comfort. Get your hands on the WMS 1000 Package and unleash the full potential of your TRX!


1. Whipple Gen V Supercharger (Stage 2 w/ 112Throttle body)

2. JMS Voltage Booster

3. WMS 5" CAI for RAM TRX

4. Thermostat w/ billet housing

5. ID 1300 injectors

6. NGK Plugs gapped accordingly

7. Mighty Mouse Catch can with fittings for our CAI and blower

8. ARH Headers w/ mid pipes

9. HPTuners Device with credits

10. Engine and Trans Calibration 

11. Professional installation 

Numbers on our test vehicle using our loaded Mustang Dyno  are as follows:

Stock: 534/484 to the wheels

93 Octane: 772/661 to the wheels. 

E85: 881/805 to the wheels.

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WMS TRX 1000  includes a pump gas calibration.

WMS TRX1200  includes the 1000 package + a separate pulley and belt, along with a separate calibration and device for race days. It also includes an inter chiller to help keep supercharger temps below ambient. This package is for those who really want to push the TRX or plan to perform spirited drives/ Drag racing.   

Please note, parts may inquire some lead times. Please reach out before ordering. Once parts are on hand, we will reach out to schedule. Please reach out to us with any questions before ordering.