WMS 850 Package for Challenger Hellcat

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Our WMS 850 package for the Challenger Hellcat, brings respectable power for a reasonable cost. Average gains are 80+ to the rear wheels without sacrificing drivability and OEM creature comforts.  Package includes:

1. JLT 15-19 Dodge Charger/Challenger Hellcat 6.2L Black Textured Cold Air Intake Kit w/Red Filter

2. ZPE Hellcat  Upper Pulley V2 (10 Rib kit w/ Hub)

3. Injector Dynamics 1300X For Hellcat/Demon/TRX/Trackhawk

4. NGK Plugs

5. Thermostat

6. Mighty Mouse Challenger Wild catch can

7. HPTuners Dodge 2018+ Smart Access Cable

8. In House PCM unlock

9. Gates Belt 

10. Professional installation

11. Dyno and Street tune on 93 Octane.